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Kunsthochschule Kassel


14.07.17, 1pm

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I warmly invite you to launch the 2nd issue of „sharing figures“, a magazine published in line with my graduation-project. “Communality” broaches and compares the issue of “sharing” in urban and cyber space, with regard to privacy, commonality and the public. Architecture-photographs of different cityscapes are contrasted with an essay by Milena Albiez and Jörn Röder on „sharing“ in cyberspace. The presentation and a following open discussion

on the subject will take place during this year’s Rundgang on friday, 14th of July at Papiercafé, Kunsthochschule Kassel. All interested people are welcome to join the discussion!


Together with the magazine there will also be launched the website of the project, which archives and shares the work-process. The link will be announced soon.


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Kulturbahnhof Kassel


launch: 21.04.17, 7pm


exhibition: 22./23.04.17, 12 -6pm

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to like, to share, two chairs, two chatrooms


CHATROOM is the first of three publications initiated in line with Kathi Seemanns

graduation in visual communication. CHATROOM was formed in collaboration with the illustrator Carmen José and will be presented in a correspondent magazine launch and following exhibition in Stellwerk.


We warmly invite you to join this evening and launch the publication together. There will be free drinks, snacks and music. Feel free to bring along something to eat, to drink or just yourself.


Kathi Seemann studies photography and editorial design and co-founded the platform for self-publishing Papiercafé at Kunsthochschule Kassel. Her graduation project with the work-title “sharing studies”, deals with the image and use of the term “sharing” in different socio-cultural contexts.

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