sharing figures:

exhibition, 2017

Kasseler Kunstverein

sharing figures:


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This is an archive of a visual, theoretical and practical study on the term of sharing. Sharing figures aims to visualize and value a commonplace need and habit of social cohabitation. The project was started in January 2017 for my graduation at Kunsthochschule Kassel with the focus on photography and editorial design.

On this web-page you can find the whole body of work consisting of various photographic studies, publications as well as the documentation of several events like publication launches, talks and exhibitions. You also find research-material and links to my contributors.

The publications and research material are accessible to download, print and copy. All images and Pdfs are licenced with the copyright CC-by-SA. Some image rights are reserved to the authors. For more copyright-information, please have a look at:

sharing figures

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